What is the Towing Capacity of the 2022 CR-V

You may be wondering if a CR-V can handle your lifestyle and your need to take a trailer with you. Well, whether it be a towable pizza oven or a jet ski the CR-V will be able to handle what you need it to. With a towing capacity of 1500kg max you’ll pull quite a bit. This towing capacity is the same for every trim level LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring.  

You’ll be able to attach a regular trailer hitch easily, allowing you to tow smaller items. If you want to get more towing out of your CR-V consider a model with Real-Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™. This AWD allows the vehicle to properly distribute torque, giving you a stronger performance. You can also opt for Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control, which helps you maintain traction on slippery roads. Honda makes it easy for you to stay safe, whether you are towing or not. Make sure you take advantage of these fantastic features. 


Want to know what 1,500kg gets you? What is the Honda CR-V trailer towing capacity? You can tow the following off the back of your Honda CR-V: 

  • A Snowmobile 
  • A Jet Ski 
  • A Flatbed Trailer 
  • A Small Aluminum Boat 
  • An ATV 
  • A Teardrop Camper 
  • A Motorcycle 
  • A Small Rowboat 
  • A Single-Axle Trailer 

Plus, a whole lot more. If you want to get creative, you can even tow 4.5 adult panda bears, four reindeers, 80 dachshunds, or 14 octopi.  

Keep in mind a vehicles max towing capacity is different than its max payload. A car's payload is the maximum amount of weight you can add to the cargo area - in order to drive safely - in addition to the curb weight of the vehicle (how much the vehicle weighs with nothing in it). The towing capacity is the maximum amount you can tow after factoring in the curb weight and cargo. If you need any help figuring out these numbers, feel free to call our dealership, and one of our experts can help you.