Ottawa Canadian Film Festival

One of Honda’s basic missions is to celebrate the community around Honda. That includes the towns and cities that our associates live in. So, in this blog post, we would like to celebrate the emerging film makers in Ottawa by telling you about the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival happening this month.  

The Ottawa Canadian Film Festival (OCanFilmFest) is a cultural non-profit organization dedicated to celebrate the art of the cinema. OCanFilmFest’s mission for the last four years have been to promote Canadian films and filmmakers to ensure that they continue to contribute to the country’s culture and economic growth. 

This year’s festival will be online and broken up into three chunks for the weekends of the 6th-8th, 13th-15th, and 20th – 22ndEach weekend program provides the opportunity for festival goers to rent the films and shorts in their very own home.  

Honda is dedicated to the power of the community and we hope you take this opportunity to celebrate with us the artists safely from our own homes. If you have any questions about this year’s OCanFilmFest, you van visit their site here.