What Emergency Supplies Should I Keep in my Vehicle?

You never know what may happen when you’re out on the road. That’s why it is important to keep emergency supplies somewhere in your vehicle to prepare for the worst possible scenarios. Below we have compiled a list of common emergency supplies to keep in your vehicle. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Jumper Cables- This one is a must, you never know when you may need a jump because you left your headlights on or didn’t shut the door all the way, causing your battery to drain.
  • Fix-A-Flat- This product is perfect for patching small holes in your tire in a pinch, allowing you to make it to your destination without needing to swap to your spare.
  • Small Tool Kit- Keeping some basic tools on hand is a good idea because you never know when you may need a screwdriver.
  • Duct Tape- What can’t duct tape do?
  • First Aid Kit- It’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your vehicle, some of them come with one from the factory.
  • Flashlight/Extra Batteries- You never know when a flashlight will come in handy. Be sure to keep some extra batteries on hand as well. If you don’t use it very often, you can store the batteries outside of the flashlight until you need them to preserve them.
  • Matches or lighter- A way to start a fire if needed may come in handy one day.
  • Food/Water- Keeping a gallon of water and some non-perishable food is necessary for any survival kit.
  • Flares- It is a good idea to keep these around in case of a serious emergency.
  • Map- For those times when your phone has no service or is dead.
  • Phone Charger- It’s always a good idea to keep a phone charger in your car at all times.
  • Thermal Blanket- If worse comes to worst, you may have to sleep in your car, and you will be thanking yourself for keeping a thermal blanket to stay warm.