How to Help With Honda

At Honda, we are proud to be members of our community and during this pandemic, and Honda Canda Foundation has donated much to help the needs of the community. However, you too can help those around you during these turbulent times. We’ve gathered a list of actions you can do for your community so that we can all get through this together 

  1. Reach out: 
    • Reach out to friends and family during these times. It’s a small action that can mean the world to many people. See if there is anything you can do to help them while keeping a safe distance.  
  2. Donate: 
    • Associates of Honda and Honda Canada Foundation are proud to donate relief to communities affected most by Covid-19. If you can’t give money, you can always donate supplies or equipment or even your blood! 
  3. Volunteer: 
    • Many places still need volunteers. Take some time out of your day to go help a local organization that needs volunteers. Contact local nursing homes, senior centers or nonprofits to help in the wake of Covid-19.  
  4. Offer Gratitude: 
    • Many folks on the frontlines are stretched thin. Go the extra mile and find a nurse or doctor or healthcare professional in your area that you can give thanks to. It could be as easy as picking up groceries for them or giving them flowers.  

This pandemic has been hard on everyone and sometimes it’s easy to feel helpless. However, at Honda we believe in the power of community and the ability for us to come together (hypothetically) to bring hope and help to those who need it. Please check out the Honda Canada Foundation website to see how we’re working to help others and how you can help too!