Do Autumn Leaves Damage My Car?

The short answer, yes. The detailed answer is that leaves and other natural debris can do so much more damage than you thought possible. But they are just leaves, right? Yes, and that is precisely the problem.  

Leaves can get trapped under your hood, between the windshield and the engine bay. If enough leaves are trapped there, they can slip into the engine bay and get sucked into the air filters. At best case scenario, they can cause a clog, forcing you to replace the filter but in the worst case, the dried leaves might cause a fire.  

Wet leaves are a whole other issue. These leaves contain tree sap and that is acidic. This sap can damage the finish on your car and if caught inside your vehicle, can mold. Wet leaves also stick to your car easier, not easily blown off by driving around the block. 

What Can I do about it? 

First things first, avoid parking your vehicle long term under a tree that is shedding leaves. If you cannot avoid that, consider getting a car cover.  

The next thing you should do is gently clear the leaves from your vehicle. Picking the leaves by hand is the best way to remove them as too much pressure can lodge the leaves in hard-to-reach places. Care is needed because other dirt and debris may coat the leaves, leading to a damaged finish on your car. leaf blower is an easiest way to remove leaves, but might lodge them in unwanted spaces. We would suggest you use the lightest setting that gets the job done 

Finally, make sure to get your vehicle washed and waxed once every season to protect the finish. Wax will protect your vehicle and prevent damage to the paint from all sorts of dangers to your vehicle’s appearance, not just leaves!  

If you have any questions or concerns, take your vehicle to Orleans Honda and we’ll give your vehicle a multipoint inspection and make sure there are no leaves clogging up important spaces. You can also buy car covers in our Parts Department!