Am I Over Cleaning My Vehicle?

During this scary time, many people are trying to overcome their fears by cleaning their spaces overzealously. While staying hygienic and making sure bacteria and viruses can’t spread is important, it is also important not to overdo it.  

A famous quote said, “A boat is safe in harbour but that’s not what they’re built for.” Vehicles are built to get dirty, to get messy and overall, not be constantly spotless. In fact, over cleaning your vehicle can harm it more than do it good. Disinfecting your leather seats with harsh chemicals like alcohol can damage and discolour the leather. While wiping down your dash can also lead to discolouration and a dull finish.  

It is known that using hand sanitizer too much can harm your body as it kills the malevolent bacteria as well as the good bacteria on your hands. Same goes with cleaning your vehicle. While your vehicle is not a living thing unless you own Herbie, cleaning it too much can remove protective layers off the materials it is made up of. A vehicle’s paint for instance is usually protected by wax which is often applied after the vehicle has been washed, however if you wash your car enough, the wax will degrade and eventually be removed. Once the wax is gone, it’s easy to get spiderwebbing on your paint; these look like tiny scratches in your paint that are like spider webs. If you notice these forming, then you’ve definitely over washed your vehicle. 

While we navigate these turbulent times, it is important that we keep in mind of moderation. This may be a hard line to walk, especially for the more vulnerable populations but like you, your vehicle will show symptoms of over-cleaning. If you notice these signs, then it means to back off on the cleaning and take a breather. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the dealership for more information.