Which Honda Hybrid Model Is The Best?

Honda has 3 different options in its 2019 Honda Hybrid Lineup: The Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid, and Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. They each have their benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we go over some advantages and some disadvantages of each to help you decide which one is right for you.

Honda Accord Hybrid- MSRP Starting from $33,490

The Accord Hybrid is just like any other Accord, just with much better fuel economy. The Hybrid version averages 5.0 (L/100km) compared to 7.6 (L/100km) of the gas only version of the Accord. It comes with 3 driving modes: EV Drive (Electric only), Hybrid Drive (electric motor and gas engine), and Engine Drive (gas only). In EV Drive, the vehicle is capable of operating solely on the electric motor but at low speeds and short distances only.


Honda Insight Hybrid- MSRP Starting from $28,090

The Insight Hybrid was reintroduced and completely redesigned for the 2019 model. It features much better city and highway fuel economy than the 2014 version. It is essentially a Honda Civic Hybrid, as it is built on the tenth-generation civic platform with a hybrid drivetrain. It is a very modern and stylish sedan that provides incredible fuel efficiency. It has the same driving modes as the Accord Hybrid, giving the driver multiple driving options depending on the situation they are in.


Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid- MSRP Starting from $40,100

The Clarity Plug-in Hybrid is the only model of the three that can be plugged into a charger. The fuel take is very small at only 7 gallons, as it is mainly used as a generator to power the electric motor. The Clarity achieves an astonishing 2.1 (L/100km) fuel economy and has an overall range of 547 km. It has an all electric range of 47 miles, meaning if you live less than 24 miles from your daily commute, then you can get to and from on electric driving only.


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