What Exactly Is Honda Sensing?

Published on August 04 2016

If you are in the process of buying a new car, you may have read various reviews or seen ads that talk about active safety, or driver assistance technologies, and wondered what exactly we are talking about here. Well, Honda Sensing is a suite of active safety technologies, and here’s how all of that works.

Honda Sensing Is Designed to Ensure Your Safety

There are two areas where Honda Sensing stands out from the competition, aside from the system’s effectiveness. The first relates to the fact that you can order Honda Sensing on most Honda vehicles, and you do not have to choose the most expensive or top-of-the-line model to get it.

That means that unlike some of the Honda Civic’s or Honda Pilot’s competitors, you can get the added safety of a full suite of driver assistance technologies in a mid-level version. Next, Honda Sensing comprises technologies that are not found in very many models in the price range of most Honda vehicles.

But, back to the initial question, what is Honda Sensing? Before getting into the individual technologies, let’s explain active safety. The idea behind active safety is to prevent accidents from occurring because of distractions or the behavior of other drivers while passive safety is designed to protect you and your passengers if it was not possible to prevent the accident.

Honda Sensing Can Prevent Accidents from Happening

So, in essence, the technologies found in Honda Sensing will warn you of a potential danger, and even take control of the vehicle if you do not react quickly enough.

Examples include Adaptive Cruise Control which will apply the brakes to keep a predetermined distance between you and the vehicle in front should it slow down or stop. Then you have Lane Keep Assist which controls the Honda’s steering to keep you in your lane.

Before Lane Keep Assist takes over however, there is Lane Departure Warning which will tell you if you are about to exit the lane, and Road Departure Mitigation which will make the necessary corrections to keep you from exiting said lane.

There is also Forward Collision Warning which will notify you if the vehicle in front brakes suddenly. If you do not react, then Collision Mitigation Braking takes over and applies the brakes for you to prevent or at least reduce the consequences of an accident.

All these systems comprise Honda Sensing. To learn more about it, contact us today at Orleans Honda!

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